The Ange Moidan Paris Products

As a testimonial to brand value I attach to my good name,
as a benchmark of quality and dedication t my customers.
The Ange Moidan Paris brand and product line was born
through trials, errors and challenges, but ultimately my passion
and the people I hold dear helped me turn this dream into reality.

This brand stands for creativity, know-how, well being, beauty and elegance
through the use of natural products.

The revitalizing shampoo combines a unique formulation of pro-vitamin B, multi fruit extracts, to bathe your scalp with essential silk amino acids and meadow-foam oil.
The Revitalizing Shampoo stimulates and restores health, structure, and vitality of fine, or damaged hair. It is PH balanced and can be used for all types of hair.
Your hair will definitely stay healthy.
 The no sulfate, shampoo with Peppermint & Tea Tree is a gentle foaming shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free. It has an inherent light scent. Glycerin, vitamin B&E, oat extract, wheat protein, jojoba oil and rosehip oil enhance the conditioning properties of this shampoo. The therapeutic shampoo is a treatment that can be used for brittle or dry hair. The shampoo is even gentle for the scalp. One or twice a week. Please enjoy the experience.
The revitalizing conditioner enhanced formula, contains the moisturizing properties of rosehip oil, vitamin B, kosher vegetable glycerine, distillated waters and extracts. It has boosted softening properties with the addition of oat extract and wheat proteins. The conditioner is off white and has an inherent scent. Its PH compacts the cuticle layer of the hair, bouncy hair that always bear some lightness,
it can be used for normal, fine and dry hair.
The liquid shine with she oil, is obtained by cold pressing the nuts of the karite tree (Shea butter), followed by a full refining process.
During the pressing of the shea butter nut, a liquid fraction appears as the shea oil, which offers an exceptional hair and skin feel.
Shea butter is well known to address cutaneous dryness. It can be used for dry hair and produces a natural shine. Use it daily, you will appreciate the natural feeling it dissipates.
This hair wax is a styling aid, that is oil and wax based. This product is also referred to as a pomade, putty, glue, styling paste, to name a few. You simply need to rub a little between your hands to warm it up and then apply to your hair. It is perfect for short, curly and ethnic hair types. Moreover it makes hair grow. A real beneficial mix of wonderful properties for hair care.